Human Aid Voluntary and Charity Organisation Ghana
Voluntary Human Aid And Charity Organistion is a non profit organisation located in the northern part of Ghana where poverty and poor infrastructure have bedeviled that part of the country. The three northern regions have be declared disaster zones by the government following heavy flooding through torrential rains and spill over from a hydro-electric dam from neighbouring Burkina Faso. It is one of the largest disasters ever recorded in the sub region, rendering government disaster control agencies incapable of handling the situation. As part of efforts to restore things to normalcy, government has called on non-governmental organisations and philantropists to come to the aid of the people. Voluntary Human Aid is one of such organisation expected by the people to come to their aid. By this, the organisation is therefor making a passionate appeal to all and sundry to lend a helping hand. The distruction caused so far includes loss of lives, 260,000 houses, 500 school buildings, over 1,000,000 victims, 100,000 acres of farm lands, several animals and food stuffs, roads and bridges. Voluntary Human Aid is appealing for blankets, clothes, shoes, food, tents, mosquitoe nets and other items concided necessary for disaster victims. Funds will also be needed to help in putting up public structures such as schools and community enters. Remember that you can save a soul by a little help whether in kind or cash. We shall also undertake camping as and when building materials has being secured. Intrestered persons who wish to assist in building public structures at camping should write to the organisation for up dates and enquiries.


  • To foster unity among people of different cultural, social and political background.
  • To empower, support and educate the poor and deprived communities in order to acquire vocation.
  • To be advocates of Human Rights, especially the vulnerable e.g. women and children.
  • To deal with issues related to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/Aids and gono.
  • To advocate sound environmental practises in order to prevent high incidence of malaria and cholera.
  • To organise work camps for both local and international volunteers. Human Aid - Ghana - P.O. Box TL,1257 - phone 233-243-733544